sea palling

oil on canvas 40cm x 40cm
sketchbook drawing 18cm x 14cm

…the sea, agitated by the violence of the wind, burst through its accustomed limits, occupying towns, fields and other places adjacent to the coast … it suffocated or drowned men and women sleeping in their beds, with infants in their cradles … and it tore up houses from their foundations, with all they contained and threw them into the sea with irrevocable damage.

(John of Oxendes, a monk at nearby St Benet’s Abbey, relating the destruction wrought by the great storm of 1287)

The North Sea flood of 1953 took the lives of seven villagers, and a memorial plaque to them is in the local church. Today protection is provided by a multi-million pound project which has seen the erection of artificial barrier reefs which help to keep the sea at bay.


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